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FS Travel is a group of travel advisors who specialize in planning trips for the enthusiastic traveler. Our advisors are well-traveled and knowledgeable about the best amenities so we can plan excursions that meet — and exceed — all of a traveler’s needs.



One day, one jump and two years of passion

FS Travel Advisors was born out of love and passion. Travel has been a passion and priority since I was a kid; a kid who spent hours with his nose tucked in an atlas, reading and planning about all of the places I was going to go someday. Fast forward a few decades, and I have a whole host of experiences with travel: I’ve done it for pleasure, for business, and for missions. While they each had their own purposes, they shared something important in common — they all allowed me to experience new people, places, and cultures.

Because travel has been so important to me throughout my life, I decided to start a company that would help people travel and experience the world like I did. High-quality travel doesn’t have to be something you save for a special occasion or something you set aside for “someday.” Instead, by turning to an experienced advisor, you can plan a trip that fits your budget and suits your desires — and that not only fits into the scheme of your everyday life — but enhances it.



Journeys are worth taking

One of our most important values is that travel shouldn’t be a long-term goal. Instead, it should be a regular part of every life plan, incorporated into a person’s routine schedule, like all important leisure activity. Instead of thinking “Someday, I’m going to travel,” we believe that you should think: I want to travel now… so, where should I go, and how should I get there? We can help you answer those questions.



Benefits our traveler’s Enjoy

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Are you feeling the call of wanderlust? Heed it. Get in touch with us today to start planning your next adventures. Our travel advisors will help you lay out a trip that meets your desires and fits your budget.



Breathtaking landscapes and incredible culture! Just flying into Bhutan you can tell that you're going to a very special place. Once you are there you'll be captivated by the natural beauty and the architecture of the incredible buildings and temples. Tshering and his team make you feel welcome and comfortable right from the start and are great at communicating and explaining things every step of the way. You will enjoy watching/experiencing how the people of today still fully embrace their ancient culture and heritage. We watched archery matches, climbed to the Tiger's Nest, went river rafting, got a hot stone bath, visited many temples, and much more. It was all amazing and this was a trip that I will talk about the rest of my life. I will return at some point.” Tim Tipton, McKinney, TX
“Bhutan! How can I say enough good things? We had such an incredible time during our first visit to this wonderful and beautiful country that is surrounded by China, India, Nepal and Bangladesh. From the stunning Himalayan mountains to the beautiful forests to the flowing rivers, the landscape is absolutely breathtaking! We loved all the hiking we go to do and it was difficult to choose from so many of the outdoor adventures that the country has to offer. We also were able to experience firsthand many of the many of the country’s numerous historical and cultural sites, including the world famous “Tiger’s Nest”, a not to miss visit while in Bhutan! The best part was the beauty and warmth and hospitality of the Bhutanese people that we were able to get to know and spend time with during our trip – so wonderful! I am already planning my return trip!” Mark Zeigler, Dallas, TX