Best Times of the Year to Travel in Asia

If you’re wondering about when to book your trip to Asia, don’t worry! Depending on your interests, there’s a part of Asia perfect for you all year round.


Home to beautiful mountains, delicious food, and criminally underrated hiking, Korea is best suited for a visit during the spring. March through May is when Korea truly shines—cherry blossoms, festivals, and the most amazing food in Asia are all on the table.

If you find yourself in Korea during September, the Andong Mask Dance Festival is a particularly impressive event: thousands of performers and tourists alike don traditional masks and celebrate Korean culture. Be sure to break out of the trap of visiting only Seoul or Busan, the best parts of Korea are tucked away in the provinces!


Much like its neighbor to the west, Japan is fantastic in the springtime. The famous Japanese cherry blossoms are in full swing during late March or April. Watch out for the crowds of Japanese vacationers, though—the first week of May is usually when a lot of Japanese tourists take in the sights.

There’s a lot to be said for visiting Japan in the winter, however! The Sapporo Ice Festival is a week-long event held on the northernmost Japanese island of Hokkaido. Held during January into the first days of February, the Sapporo Ice Festival has hundreds of beautifully carved and elaborate ice sculptures, winter sports, and plenty of Japanese beer. It’ll be cold, but it’s well worth the trip!


China’s astounding natural beauty is something out of a fairy tale. Spring is (as always), a good time to visit the Middle Kingdom, but China really shines during the autumn months. The weather is a cool 15–28°C (59–82°F) and rainfall is at a minimum.

That warm but fading autumn sun makes for some incredible views: the Yellow Mountains, Dunhuang Oasis, and Zhangjiajie National Forest Park all positively explode with color during sunset.

Southeast Asia

If you’re looking at Southeast Asia, you’re better off avoiding the monsoon season (July-October). Stick to visiting during the high season of November-March for the best temperatures. Once the summer kicks off in June, Southeast Asia can be brutally hot—try scuba diving in the coastal regions to keep cool.

With 11 countries to choose from, there’s plenty to do. Thailand’s Songkran’s festival is a major event celebrated in mid-April. Myanmar’s thousands of golden Buddhist pagodas look best on a spring morning, and few things in life are better than driving up the Vietnamese coast in late April.


Bhutan is the world’s happiest country, and for good reason! The stunningly beautiful scenery (starting with the jaw-dropping flight to Paro), friendly people, and delicious spicy food make visiting Bhutan the experience of a lifetime.

For outdoor enthusiasts, September through November are the months where the best hiking and the popular Thimphu Tshechu Festival take place. Temperatures average around 25°C, making it ideal for hikes, treks, and long walks.

It’s hard to pass on Bhutan’s legendary Rhododendron season (March to May). The entire countryside explodes with color as the flowers blossom during this pre-monsoon period.

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