Tips for Traveling to the Southern Hemisphere When It’s Winter in the US

Some of the most memorable and exciting travel experiences include exploring areas of the world farthest from home. If you plan to travel to the southern hemisphere for the first time, there are a few things you should know.

Dress in layers

The coldest months in the U.S. are the warmest on the other side of the world. It’s a good idea to dress in layers and pack for versatility. You may be happy to lounge on the beach in a bathing suit and a light wrap, but when it’s time for dinner, you’ll want something to shield you from the air conditioning.

Traveling from the cold weather at home to warm weather at your destination also poses challenges. Layers work well for keeping warm before you take off. If you need a coat, choose a lightweight packable version that can double as a pillow on the flight.

Pack light

While it may be tempting to put as many things in your luggage as possible, it’s smart to pack light so you have plenty of room for the treasures you find on your trip. Make sure you know the weight and size restrictions on both carry-on and checked luggage for your trip to your destination and back home.

Protect yourself from the sun

Pack layers with the sun in mind. While those warm rays will feel wonderful, they can also cause harm to people who aren’t accustomed to the strong rays of the summer sun in the southern hemisphere. Plan to wear sunscreen or stay covered up even if you will only spend a few minutes in the sun.

Take care on long flights

Long flights across multiple continents can be tiring. Include comfort items in your carry on to make your trip as pleasant as possible. Stay hydrated and set your watch or phone to the time zone of your destination before the plane takes off.

Understand light and dark hours

Research light and dark hours at your destination so you understand how to plan activities. Also, look up the international date line so you can plan for time changes as you travel to a different hemisphere and how those time changes may affect your trip.

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